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Fast Response Wildlife Control in the Phoenix and Surrounding Area 

With over 15 years of experience in wildlife control, Arizona Wildlife Solutions specializes in the humane capture and removal of Arizona's native wildlife. Not only are the animals removed in the safest and most humane way possible but also relocated back out to the wild where there's no risk of the animal returning. State licensed by AZ Game & Fish, we provide several services to keep you and your property safe and free from any unwanted guests. From 24/7 immediate response calls to setting up a prevention plan for your seasonal home, we are committed to providing the valley with the highest quality service and professionalism to create a solution to any wildlife problem one may encounter while living in this beautiful Sonoran desert.

 Here at AWS, we’re all about the conservation of our native wildlife species and its always been about the well being of the animal. We guarantee all wildlife will never be harmed and will always be released back out into the wild and/or if injured will be transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation center. We strive to create a safe and healthy relationship between humans and our desert-dwelling neighbors. 

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24/7 Fast Response Snake Removal

 Guaranteed Best Price in the Valley! With companies charging hundreds of dollars for a simple snake call, most people would rather kill and dispose of the snake themselves and risk getting bit! For this reason all snake removal jobs are guaranteed affordable as well as 100% humane! Rates vary depending on specific location. Don’t just call anyone, reach our licensed snake handlers who have over 15 years working extensively with venomous snakes, you can feel safe and confident knowing you called the right person for the job. 

Professional and Humane Wildlife Trapping

Prices vary depending on each situation but a basic trapping and relocation job will start at $75. Varying factors such as the location, multiple animals, larger wildlife, coyotes and jobs that may require more time, may cost more. Please contact us at 602-726-9997 for a price quote for your specific situation.

Fast Response Animal Capture and Removal

Different types of animals require different methods of capture, for this reason, its best to give us a call at 602-726-9997 for an exact price quote. Here as A.W.S we believe in the conservation of our native wildlife and will always work with you to create an affordable solution for both the benefit of you and the animal.

Animal Exclusion & Prevention

Sometimes the best way to control nuisance wildlife is to prevent them from gaining entry in the first place. Here at AWS we don’t just remove the animal but we’ll create a solution to keep them from regaining access in the the future, from chimney caps and chew proof netting to landscaping, you can feel confident knowing your home is secure and wildlife free. Prices vary greatly depending on the job, please call 602-726-9997 for a free estimate.

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Rattlesnake Prevention and Property inspections

Rattlesnake encounters can be a common occurrence almost anywhere in the valley, here at AWS we provide several solutions to this problem starting with a snake expert that will create a prevention plan for your specific situation. We also provide property inspections that will search out and eliminate any potential habitats as well as removing any snakes found in your yard. Planning on visiting or retuning to your seasonal home this fall? Give us a call to arrange an inspection before you arrive! Prices start as low as $75 for a basic property sweep but may vary depending on the size of the yard and specific job.

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